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Dated-11 Mar 2013 

Thinking of a home based business, if you love working with computers and you have the required capital and a space to build a shop then put up an all in one computer shop. Where you can sell computers, provide internet rentals, gaming, scan and print, repair computers, sell supplies like diskettes, writable CD’s, head phones, microphones, web cameras, even accept typing jobs. Since you are just at home, you can be with your family whenever they need you. You do not have to travel long. The shop has a competitive advantage in terms of pricing because there is no rental expenses incurred.

To start a computer shop you should at least take short courses for computer technicians and computer literacy. This would enable you to handle the technical aspects of this home based business. You will learn other needed skills while running the shop. Start small with one or two computers, an internet connection, a scanner, and printer. Install web cameras and headsets for chatters. Expand when the patrons increase. There are telecommunication companies that sell computer business packages that you can pay on a monthly installment basis. You can also opt to choose and buy your own computer equipment.

Charge hourly for internet and gaming services, charge per sheet on printing, varies depending on colored or black and white prints. A photocopying machine goes well with your shop most clients photocopy materials after printing. Some clients will have trouble when using the internet or gaming services, here is where your computer skills will come in handy. Search for low cost second hand computers and peripherals and sell it for higher cost. Promote your business, attach banners and flyers on your car, and roam around your neighborhood. Give away brochures and flyers, highlight good buys for second hand computers or promotional activities like gaming contests.

Other promotional activities you can implement are discounted rates for 3 to 4 hour usage. Provide this promo during non-peak hours like 8 am to 10 am. Most of the clients would not consume the 4 hours and such activity would attract more customers during non-peak hours. You can also sell foodstuff, as some clients would like to have some snack while working on the computer. Beverages and chips are suitable. Provide earphones for gamers so they will not disturb other clients. Display online gaming posters around the shop. This might attract would be gamers, or to inform gamers that such games are available. You can also offer free tutorial on basic use of computers as a promotional activity.

Learn basic financial management skills to determine how much money you are gaining from computer rentals, internet use, gaming, scanning, and printing versus money you are paying for operating expenses like electricity, inventory, and internet connection. Of course, your profits would pay for yourself and your family.

This home based business does not take much effort and family members can help, but it pays well especially if you have a large client base. Internet and on-line gaming is very popular nowadays. Schoolwork also involves many computer and internet jobs. There is a great demand for this business.