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Blogging-Some Basic Knowledge Of Lose Weight!

Dated-06 Mar 2013 

I hear it all the time. "The money is in the list!" Do I believe it? You bet I do! How do you think the gurus became gurus? By having a large list of people who know who they are and buy from them. It's common sense! If you build a big list, give that list content, and promote products to that list, you're going to make money. The bigger your list the more you'll make. It's a simple concept, but it does take some work.

I have been using one tactic that has built my list very quickly and as made my list very diversified. I have people on my list that are Interested in earning money with Google Adsense, List Building, Income Systems, For more help visit to: www.37-list-building-secrets.com. Viral Marketing, and just about any other topic related to Internet marketing.

That's right, I took the power of viral marketing and watched it build my list on auto pilot day after day, and I continually use it to build my lists even today.

Whenever I want to add a few thousand subscribers to my list, I simply find a few products that come with resale rights that I can use as giveaway bonuses. These products are usually on the same topic. I then create a mini guide talking about these products and about the topic of the products. I then put the links inside this mine guide to the resale rights products.

The guides range from 15-30 pages, and cover the topic of the resale rights products that I chose. For example, if my resale rights products are on List Building, then my guide will also be on List Building. You can either create your own content for the guide, pay someone to write it for you, or use private label content.

After your guide is all created, put a small ad on the first page of the guide for your list's sign up page. Package it all up and start giving it away to everyone that you can, and tell them they can give it away or sell it. By doing this, you are starting a viral marketing campaign that could go on for months or even years! For more detail go to: www.build-own-list.com. Every time a new person gets your guide, the first thing they see is the ad for your list's sign up page. If they pass it on, all of those people see your ad too, and it just keeps going on and on.

Getting people to give things away is getting harder and harder, so to make it beneficial for people to give your guide away throw in a few affiliate links to resources and allow people to brand those affiliate links. That way people can give your guides away with your list's sign up page in them, and when someone buys through the affiliate links the person giving the guide away gets paid! It's a win-win situation.

You could use this one tactic alone and put out a new guide that others can give away every other week, and you'll be amazed at how fast you build your list.

Don't be fooled though, you have to work your list. You must give good content, and treat them all like they are your customers. Even if they have never bought from you before, there's always the chance they will buy from you in the future.