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Best Choice for summers - Cotton Bed Sheets

Dated-10 Mar 2013 

This summer, decorate your bedroom with pure or mixed cotton bed sheets. Bed – Sheets as we all know are the large piece of designer clothes which when spread on the bed, make it look elegant. These are also a way of comfort which ease out all our tiredness. As these are main factors in taking out the stress and strain out of our bodies, they need to be soft and cozy and in summers with temperature rising as high as 41 deg C, nothing can be better than cotton. Designed and colored with bright and light eye catching colors, these are matchless.

The quality of bed sheet or bed spread depends entirely upon the thread count. It is a known fact that higher the thread count, softer the bed sheet is. But, then there is also a negative point associated with it. The higher the thread count, the earlier the bed sheet will wean out. Still, bed sheets with higher thread count are preferred as they provide better comfort and do not wrinkle easily. To know the thread count, you can ask the shopkeeper himself or you can simply look at the corner of the bed sheet where the thread count is generally mentioned.

The design and the color of the bed sheet differs. It also depends upon the place where it is manufactured or the place where it is being exported. Basically the bed sheets are organic, solid (basic plain), stripe or jacquard. You will find a number of designs in the fourth category of bed sheets. These days Egyptian Cotton Bed Sheets are considered the best in terms of cotton as Egyptian cotton is considered to be the softest in the world. Those who know this fact, prefer to buy Egyptian cotton bed sheets only.

Bed Sheets also differ in the type of print – some are made from being spread in hotels, some are made for home use and some of them are made for kids only. Kids sections include all sorts of cartoons and paintings made on the bed sheets.

You can buy these bed sheets from online shopping stores where the design of the bed sheet can be seen on the screen of these websites. To see, how actually, these online stores work, just log on to any of the leading online shopping stores like Home Shop 18 and enjoy the benefits associated with them.