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Background Check as a tool to decrease Workplace Violence

Dated-10 Mar 2013 

According to the Bureau of Justice Statistics, 14 percent of assaults and violent acts occurred in a workplace. The Workplace Violence Research Institute also estimated a financial loss of $36 billions annually.

What can you do to protect the workplace from any threats and danger? There are lots of preventive measurements you can adapt with.

Below is a shared insight by the Wozniak.

• Diligent hiring and supervision- Manage a criminal background check to your potential employees. It will reveal who they really are. Their records can not deny of their criminal history. Background check will help you decide wisely.
• Create a threat management team
• Assess vulnerabilities on a regular basis
• Adopt violence prevention policies
• Conduct regular training
• Fire respectfully
• Ban weapons

These policies may reduce the risk of workplace violence. Work place violence includes physical violence, verbal abuse, harassment, witnessing violence upon a co-worker or any violent acts directed towards an employee or an employer. Pre-screening to the applicants is really a great step to start. You will know how the person behaves in the past. You may be uncertain about the person’s future behavior but through a background check, you can get guidance on how your employees will be.

There’s no harm in trying. You are just protecting your business. If these policies are strictly implemented in one company, there’s a possibility to have a harm free workplace.

Every employer has responsibility to provide employees with a work place that is free from any hazards that may cause death or serious physical harm.

Article Source: Free background check