Kirti Sabharwal

The Britannia E Line range provides the consumer with two ovens, which is great for large families and for entertaining guests. Both ovens feature integral electric grills and double- glazed see- through doors and internal oven lights so you can easily see how well that roast is coming along without even having to open the oven door. Whether you go for the 90cm size cooker in the Britannia E Line range or the 100cm, the oven to the left will be 60cm in width. You can also visit at nine function electric oven includes the very clever Quick start fast preheat system so that you can get on with preparing and cooking your meal without having to wait twenty minutes for the oven to heat up. The left oven also comes with a fully automatic programmer and minute minder, so no more ruined meals. If you decide that the 90cm Britannia E Line cooker is the one for you, the oven on the right of the cooker will be 30cm in width. This oven only has four functions in comparison to the nine on the left oven. However, it does have a rotisserie so that you can spit roast your meat if you fancy a bit of a change. The 100cm Britannia E Line cooker has the same features as the 90cm cooker, but it is slightly bigger at 40cm in width. As well as the twin oven, the dual fuel Britannia E Line range also features a gas hotplate. The hotplate has electronic ignition making your cooking experience safer as there is no naked flame needed to ignite the gas. Safer still, the gas hotplate includes three cast iron pan supports to minimize spillage and flame failure devices are available if you want them as an optional extra on your Britannia E Line cooker. As well as everything I have mentioned above, the Britannia E Line range of cookers comes with height adjustable legs for your convenience. From an environmental point of view, this range can be converted to LPG if you are keeping tabs on your carbon footprint. Britannia was established in 1985 and was one of the first companies to introduce range cookers in the United Kingdom. You can also login to The business started with a very small team and his since grown steadily, which led to their move to larger premises in 1999 - Britannia House. There are now over fifty people employed at their head offices and they have our own delivery and installation team, as well as a great number of service engineers to ensure good customer support. The 2 years warranty offers parts and labor security. Based in Blackpoll, they can be contacted through their website.