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Affiliate Marketing-And How Do You Connect With The Reader?

Dated-11 Mar 2013 

They say that a little knowledge goes a long way. Well, that's true, but knowledge plus skill is what's required to reach your affiliate marketing goal, whatever your goal might be.

You can memorize hundreds of facts, figures, process and procedures, but what good are they to you if you don't use them to reach a goal? The only thing they might be good for is background for writing an article, or a book. Articles and books are good things, but, once again, how much credibility will your writing have if you can't "flesh it out" with real life examples? The very best examples come from your own personal experience.

Can we experience everything we might want to write about? Well that might be hard if you have an interest in writing about a lot of different things. For more details www.scroll-pops.com But when you tighten up your focus so that you are able to deal with a manageable area of the knowledge universe, you have the best chance of taking what you have learned, applying it, finding out what works and doesn't work for you, and having something solid to pass on to your readers. You'll have the skill that comes from using what you have learned.

Think about it. The power in writing comes from being able to connect with the reader. And how do you connect with the reader? You relate to experiences they might have had, or are interested in having. That second one is really powerful when the reader is in a learning mode.

They want to know:

* How does this work?
* What do I need to do to make this technique or process successful for me?
* How do I use this tool to get to my goal?

When you can answer those questions for your reader in a very concrete, step by step way, then you have created a powerful piece of writing, and you will add value to the marketplace. People will want to hear what you have to say, about affiliate marketing, or anything else you choose to write about.

So don't just spend your time going to website after website, getting hooked into learning about every possible subject under the sun, because believe me I know, you will never stop. The web is a wonderful tool, but only if you control it and it doesn't control you.

How do you control it? You need a goal. You need a plan to get to that goal. The plan needs to be made up of steps you take to get to your goal. Think of your goal as the top of a pyramid, with steps up to the top on each side. Then, you only pay attention to one step of the plan at a time, starting on any side of the pyramid, but at the bottom. You study that step, you try that step. You either get up to the next step or you stumble and slip back down the steps. If you stumble, you go to the next side of the pyramid, and you try getting up that step in a different way. Don't just keep trying the same thing if you fail.

Take what is helpful out of any failures at affiliate marketing, go to the next side of the pyramid, and try something new. Make it a spiraling process, so that you keep adding something new or trying something different each time you go to the next side of the pyramid. Keep at it until you can do that step well and you know why it worked. You want to be able to repeat that step in any new context. For more details www.myspace-marketing-secret.com You want to be able to explain it to someone else to help them up the step. Then you're ready for the next step, but only then.

To sum up, get the experiences that fill out the gaps in your knowledge of affiliate marketing. Focus on one thing at a time, and if you fail at that, keep trying in new ways until you know you can make it work. Make it a part of you so that you can explain it to someone else well enough that they can be successful also.

Once you have done that, you not only have knowledge, you have a new skill, and that is real power.

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