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Useful White Pages Available Online

Dated-09 Mar 2013 

There are times when we suddenly miss our old close friends in high school. There are also times when something reminds us of the happy times with our close friends but we are unaware of their whereabouts. We become emotionally nostalgic and we suddenly felt the need of seeing each other again. Reunions can be a great idea for friends to see each other again after many years past and reminiscing the old days.

Most of Internet users today use the white pages websites in locating and getting in touch with old friends and classmates. Aside from the fast search, they are usually available for free. The best thing about online white pages is their ability to do reverse lookups meaning you can do a search using any phone directory information such as name to search for phone numbers, or phone numbers to search for names! You can use any options in making a search—reverse phone lookup, name search, e-mail address, and a person’s address. With the power of computer systems and the Internet as a medium, everything has become easier.

Numerous white pages are accessible over the Internet so you have to select the best that can give you searching satisfaction. One of the popular US and Canada-based white pages search site is WhitePages.com where you can do the search methods such as people and business search, e-mail address lookup, and more. In the United Kingdom, there is a white pages site called BT that provides search tools using the name or the town of the person you are looking for. The search result will show addresses, contact details and even the map of the person’s location.

Aside from US, Canada, and UK, there is also a white pages site available for other countries called NumberWay.com. An option for every country is available by continent and list of each country’s white pages sites are available.

Search engines can be used in finding the legitimate white pages sites over the Internet. Google and Yahoo! are just examples of a good search engine. Did you know that search engines can also be used as white pages? Yes, by entering the name or number of the person on the search bar, you will find several search results. The disadvantage lies on digging through the results and there are instances when some search results come from unreliable sources. White pages sites are still the best to use in finding your old classmates, friends, or anyone that you really miss.

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