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Traditional Valentine's Day Gifts

Dated-10 Mar 2013 

For most men, the easiest way out on Valentine’s Day is also the safest route- I mean a bunch of flowers and chocolate can anyway never go wrong for anybody. If you want a little more special touch, you can add a dark chocolate cake with a personalized message. To make your package a little more attractive and add more zing in your kitty of gifts, you can also add a romantic greeting card.

However, if you think that your lass or special someone is not the one to be satisfied with just that and at the same time you want to stick to these gifts only, you can always add your special touch to these things and make you package traditional yet different from others. Let us share a few tricks with you that will help you make your most common lot of gifts the most uncommon.

Roses and especially red roses are the order of the day. You can’t change that. What you can change however is how they look. Plain old red roses are what everyone is giving. Try spraying some golden acrylic paint through a spray bottle and get a beautiful golden ribbon tied over the bunch artistically. You yourself will be delighted by the difference it makes to your bunch of flowers and so will she be.

If you are taking a cake along, fix an appointment with the baker at the time he is covering it with the icing. You can take any small token gifts - for instance a miniature bottle that you pick up from a flea market, place a personal note of your love in it, and ask the baker to lay it in the cake just before topping it with the icing. Make sure you put some sort of mark on the exact place with the icing itself
When you cut the cake, cut it in a manner that your girl gets to bite off from a slice containing the bottle and you will never forget the delight on her face!

All forms of valentine day gifts like digital photo frame, cakes, chocolates, electronics, jewelry, apparels and home decor are the most reliable traditional gifts

Decided to take simply a card? Be a little more thoughtful and either makes a graffiti of messages all over it or simply make a collage of a few of your good pictures and paste them on the inner leaf. That card will be a lifelong memorabilia for both of you till ages.