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Some knowledge about Seo

Dated-11 Mar 2013 

When getting into the business that I am now, internet is key to our survival. Search engine optimization (SEO) is vital to any business that has a website. If you have a website for either business or just for fun and want to receive more traffic. I have listed several FREE ways you can do that. For the record I am no SEO master, but I have written this article to help those you who are not one either.

Have you heard about blogging? From blogging you find information on tons of topics. If you sell books you should be blogging on something about books. If you sell video games you should blog on relating topics. It helps more if you blog on subjects related to your website. In addition, you should actively comment on blogs related to your topics. In most cases, this leaves a link from your website to theirs. The blogs that will give you links are called Do-Follow blogs. When you write a comment it will ask you for your website address. Once you leave your URL it will put a link to your site from their website/blog. For more details visit www.offline-promotion.com. This leaves your footprint on the World Wide Web. This is one great way to begin building quality links ultimately helping with SEO.

Directories are another great way to get noticed. There are thousands of directories that are free. You just have to search for them. Directories are good because it doesn’t just advertise your website on the directory but you will receive a link on another website. Directories can help increase website traffic and search engine placement.

Keep original content on your website. Write new articles frequently. It is worth more when it is original than when it is already somewhere on the internet. You can make the article search term or key word rich. Do this by adding "reading a good book can..." or "this was the greatest video game I have ever..." This adds related content to your website. For help go to www.the20seotools.com. When you have original content on your site, search engines (Google) give you more respect. Plus, when you write about something you have to think about what you are writing. From this you will gain more knowledge on that subject. You are learning more about your own business.

I just wanted to give you some valuable tips that will help you increase visits to your website for free. The most important thing is to get links back to your website. This will give you an estimate of how many links you have. A search engine will begin to notice you more as a credible website and in return will rank you higher on its list of websites when somebody searches for books or video games on the net.