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SchoolHeart, Inc. is Creating Hundreds of Viable Home-Based Business Opportunities across America!

Dated-09 Mar 2013 

The appeal of operating a home-based business is tantalizing to millions who want more freedom and control over their lives. Being your own boss, working your own hours, and having the upside to earn according to your ability and work ethic are great incentives. Convenience abounds! According to American Community Survey data by the U.S. Census Bureau, Americans on the average spend more than 100 hours commuting to work annually, which is more than an 80 hour work week or a two week vacation. With the growth and capabilities of the internet, home businesses are becoming more appealing. Finding a legitimate business opportunity is even more appealing.

Home is where the heart is, and in increasing numbers, home is where the SchoolHeart® business is. schoolheart is expanding in cities nationwide with full-time or part-time management and sales opportunities. For a limited time, SchoolHeart ® is offering a golden opportunity, whereby qualified Area Managers may recruit personnel in cities around America, and receive an override over that entire organization as it develops!

The SchoolHeart® marketing mission is to develop a core group of individuals throughout the United States who can work as a team on fundraising development. The managerial commission structure works much like insurance or real estate, where there is a broker-type position and sales representatives. A person who is qualified and has ample experience can move right into an Area Manager position. Account Supervisors, with adequate performance, also can be promoted to Area Manager.

The marketplace is virtually unlimited, as there are 130 thousand schools and over three million nonprofit organizations, as well as churches, kid’s soccer teams, and a host of other needy groups. The SchoolHeart® Management Team has a passion for “Funding the Heart of America®”, but also to see people achieve sustainable results in their life. We have made it our mission to help people prosper and succeed while they help others. Now that is responsible fundraising economy!

SchoolHeart® has brought a superior product to the fundraising market in the hCard®. People purchase the hCard® to help support their favorite organization, but in the process receive much more than they give. For only $25 they receive 10 great benefits…

1. Roadside Services, includes towing, jumpstarts, tire changes, and lockout assistance
2. Emergency Contacts Services: (Monitored 24/7 by live operators). In case of an emergency, operators can provide essential medical and personal information to verified hospital personnel and emergency first responders. This essential information includes two people to be contacted in case of an emergency and can include crucial information, such as allergies, medications, etc., and loved ones who need care (including children and pets).
3. National Prescription Discounts (Save 15-70% at 53,000+ locations)
4. Gift Card Promotions: Chili’s, Sears, Starbucks, Red Lobster, Olive Garden, and many more!
5. Automotive Discounts up to 10% off at Jiffy Lube, Meineke, Aamco and Maaco
6. Emergency Pet Protection 24/7 only $10 a year for up to 4 pets
7. Sporting Goods up to 10% off online at Sports Authority and Sports Kids
8. National Pet and Animal Savings
9. Entertainment and Events save up to 50% off regular price
10. Travel and Hotel Discounts, including Southwest vacations and car rentals.

Plus Access to the hCard® Directory at thehcard with many more national and local savings!

SchoolHeart® has leveraged a new business model and improved technology into a competitive edge, as well as an innovative solution to ongoing fundraising challenges. Marketers provide just what nonprofit administrators covet most, a free, easy and effective fundraising solution. Organizations receive a free webpage and their name on the card for added exposure. The advantages are many. The entire program is easily managed online with our patent-pending system. There is no risk, no inventory, we ship, and tracking is in real time.

Earnings potential is complimented by first-class materials and a patent-pending online system. The business cost is only $189, which goes towards a background check, a superb back office, training, promotional materials, business cards, briefcase, and ongoing back-up and support. And, upon the first sale of 100 hCards, the new recruit receives a $200 bonus in addition to commission, thereby totally offsetting the cost. Anyone with a little experience, drive and determination can ride this formula to success!

The SchoolHeart® business model works for everyone! The marketer profits and builds a business of which they can be proud. The delighted cardholder receives valuable benefits well beyond what they give. The merchants and businesses receive increased visibility and sales, and become known as benefactors. And best of all, the needy receive critical funding.

About the Author:
This is your opportunity to capitalize on a first class business. If you have a desire to succeed in a business with great income potential, as well as goodwill and prestige, email your resume, phone number and the best time to visit www.schoolheart.com and www.thehcard.com or call to myakos@schoolheart.com