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List building-Why an opt-in page

Dated-09 Mar 2013 

The effective use of opt-in forms are what separates those struggling to make a few bucks online from those who consistently make a bundle. Why an opt-in page? Before we get into some of the finer details, let's take a brief look at the importance of having an opt-in form on your page. If you are selling anything, or want people to keep coming back to what you have to offer, then building a contact list is the way to go. For more details www.confessions-followup-marketing.com Maybe someone that stumbles onto your site only has a little bit of time, but they see an opt-in form, and decide to sign up so they can get more information to look over at their leisure. In short, they visit your site once, but you get your message in front them as often as you like - that's why you need to use opt-in pages.

Why graphics? To be honest, a lot of marketers understand the need for getting people to opt in. The problem is that they don't call enough attention to the forms on their pages. Using graphics in the right way gets people to notice your form, without being distracting. Ideally, you need to call attention to your form, without taking away from your message. A simple bit of text with a plain box to fill just doesn't have the same effect.

Having eye-catching graphics doesn't stop at your site's header (top image), yet I have seen many examples where there was a high-quality header, but the opt-in box was dull or even hard to find. The fact that you have an opt-in form, is an obvious sign that you want people to enter their information into it. Therefore, calling attention to it with professional graphics can boost your opt-in rates like never before.

Here is something that you may not read anywhere else: One set of graphics is not enough. Did you know that changing opt-in graphics can increase conversion rates? Notice I said 'can', not 'will'. For more details www.craigs-list-profits.com That's because the only way to tell for sure is to check your results. Testing and tracking is vital to your site's success, but you have to test more than just your headline and sales message. You also need to test graphical elements of your page - this includes the opt-in portion.

Don't make the mistake of putting up a page and leaving it the way it is because it seems to be "doing okay". You can make it better through different graphics. And testing one variation is not good enough.