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Learn the Secrets of Article Marketing

Dated-11 Mar 2013 

Successful article marketing hinges on the titles of articles. Everyday, countless authors are wasting their time writing and posting articles when they have no idea of how to make article marketing work. Authors and internet marketers are making a huge mistake by not paying attention to the article title - a few words with immeasurable impact.

Article marketing cannot reach your targeted audience and market with a lousy title. What happens online reflects what happening offline is. When you go to the bookstore to buy a book, you would look first at the title. People simply have the tendency to make a judgment on the entire book from just the title. The title is powerful enough to convince them to buy the book or to brush it away. For more help login to www.internet-copycatting.com. Through article marketing, people find your article either at the article directories or through search engines. Authors and internet marketers naturally prefer visitors to come from the search engines. The visitors are targeted and have a higher tendency to become our customers. After all, they have searched specifically for certain keywords and your article shows up in the search results. But it does not stop there. Your article title must be attractive and relevant enough to entice them to click through and read.

As you can see, you have two objectives to achieve in article marketing. One is to make your article rank high in search engine prominence, and another to make it relevant and enticing for your potential customers.

How should you tackle this?

Search engines look for relevancy and correlation of article content with title. Your article content should be keyword-rich, and it is a must that your article contains at least the main keyword, if not a main and a secondary keyword. Another trick to rank higher in the search engine is to place your main keyword at the start of the title. For more information login to www.effective-contents.com. Positioning makes a difference. Article marketing and search engine optimization are intertwined. Treat your article just like you would optimize your web page.

In order to get a top search engine ranking and maximize your organic traffic, your selection of keywords is crucial. Perform keyword research using free keyword research tools like Overture Keyword Tool and trial version of Word Tracker. Compile a list of 3 to 5 relevant keywords that have at least 500 searches per month. Do a search in Google for each keyword in quotes, for example Article Marketing Tips. If the results are lower than 2000, you should be able to rank well. Keyword research is vital to article marketing.

Keep your article title short. 4 6 words are ideal. Avoid unnecessary filler words that can confuse the search engines. Use shorter phrases that deliver the same meaning.

By targeting specific keywords in your article title, you have enhanced the effect of your article marketing. When your article shows up in the search results, your visitors will see the keywords they searched for. This is relevance at play.

There are tips to entice them to click. Think from a problem solution approach. Are they looking for an answer to a problem? Are they searching for reviews? Are they trying to learn something new? Words like How To, Guide, Review and more are powerful words for article titles. Use them wisely in your article marketing efforts.

These article marketing tips are simple but powerful. If you are hungry for more, read my blog to learn the secrets of article marketing and how you can drive tons of buying traffic daily to your website