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Knowledge about SEO Myths

Dated-10 Mar 2013 

You might think you already know everything about search engine optimization process. Well, think again. Some of the things you know may just be myths. There are several SEO myths that webmasters and search engine optimizers still fail to recognize. For more details about it visit www.seo-prediction.com. What are the SEO myths?
Here are the top 25:
1. Search engine optimization can be performed just by anyone.
2. SEO is only for those websites who sell products online.
3. SEO companies can give their clients a guaranteed top ranking position.
4. SEO gives an overnight result. You can optimize a website today and expect it rank high tomorrow.
5. Build more links irregardless of the quality.
6. It is fine to copy content from other websites and paste it on your own website.
7. There is no need for you to write unique content for your website since you can just syndicate articles from directories.
8. There is no need for further work after you have optimized your website.
9. Search engine ranking is all that matters.
10. The more links the better, quantity matters and not quality.
11. There is no need for a website to be submitted to web directories.
12. A website doesnít need updated content.
13. The search engines wonít know if you use black hat SEO techniques.
14. Do it yourself SEO is better than hiring SEO professionals Ė can be true if you are an expert yourself.
15. Web design doesnít need to be optimized.
16. The navigability of the website has no effect on its search engine ranking.
17. The search engines must be prioritized than the target market.
18. There is no need for testing, once a website is already optimized let it stay that way.
19. Site visitors already know how to browse a website so donít worry about usability.
20. Flash is the best way to present your message.
21. You can write anything that you want in your website content.
22. There is no need for you to add keywords on the website content.
23. Adding more large-file images on the website makes the site more appealing.
24. It doesnít matter if the website is slow to load; after all, there are now more broadband users than dial ups.
25. Why still optimize a website when it can still be indexed by the search engines no matter what?

These are the top 25 search engine optimization myths that both webmasters and search engine optimizers must be aware of. Some of them seem to be like a fact rather than a myth, so be very careful.