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How to Ask For a First Date – Male and Female Echo Boomers

Dated-09 Mar 2013 

The personal touch is slowly dying off among the echo boomers due to the alienation brought about by technology. Social skills are at a risk of dying off.This article seeks to preserve some of those social skills by providing tips to echo boomers on how to ask for a first date.

Get to know each other

The first step is to make acquaintance with the other person. The fact that you attend the same sociology class does not necessarily mean that the other person knows you. You should get in their radar. Offer compliments regularly. This will reel in your target.

Seek Commonalities

The next step is to start talking and finding out more about each other. You could ask the other person’s opinion on current events around the world, their hobbies, likes and dislikes. Be alert to any opening that may present itself for you to ask for a date.

Do it the old fashioned way

In as much as sending a text might seem like a sure way of avoiding the much dreaded rejection, avoid the temptation and ask her face to face. If this is not possible due to one reason or another, then sending her a Facebook friend request might be a good option.

Drop subtle hints

Find out the other person’s opinion about a movie that is about to premier or a band that is about to launch a CD. If their interest is the same as yours, you can leverage the opportunity by suggesting you go watch the premier together.

Ask in Advance

If your venue for your first date is to be an annual social event, make sure that you ask for the date way in advance. This will assure your date that he/she was the first choice. Asking for a first time date on the eve of such an event or a few hours just before the event begins is a turn off to the other person. They might take it that you are looking for a rebound date.

Asking in advance will provide your date with enough time to plan and prepare for the date.
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