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Do You Know About Another New Article Marketing Methods?

Dated-10 Mar 2013 

When a person uses Google to keyword a search for something and the results for the search are listed, it is those Ad words ads on the side of the search pages that are the PPC ads. Ad word PPC ads also show up on many other pages in the Internet that are within Goggles far reaching domain.

All PPC ads show a relevancy for the topic the person was in search of. Keyword relevancy is everything. It does no good when someone looking for healthy dog food sees PPC ads for organic fertilizer sitting next to the search results.

When these ads are clicked on, you pay Awards a set price for each time someone clicks on your ad and is directed to your website. For more details visit to www.article-writin-secret.com .This is how Ad words make their money and this is how you get more targeted traffic. Many Internet marketers use PPC as a marketing answer for their products and services.

Before considering this avenue for yourself, take the time to study the Ad words strategies for choosing keywords for your PPC ads. This will put you ahead of the game and hopefully, save you from losing your budget. Knowing your market and analyzing what keywords will target your market effectively will help you use Ad words more to your advantage.

Article marketing is a method that can generate a considerable amount of targeted leads for you. Many affiliate marketers and network marketers a like use article marketing methods to generate a full time income. Some Internet marketers make a considerable income with article marketing techniques.

Article marketing takes work to consistently write good optimized articles for submission to article submission sites. Once your articles have been submitted, they get indexed by the search engines and ranked. Your articles begin showing up in search engine results whenever someone is searching for information about the topic of your articles.

The reader then sees your website link you left at the bottom of your article, or in the bio box and clicks this link to receive your product, or receive more information about the topic. For more information logon to www.ezines-success.com . This is how article marketing works to generate targeted leads to your site. Done properly, article marketing is a very effect and free method. This only requires your time and work to use.

Article marketing is slow to work and must be used on a consistent basis to generate traffic. Ad words can work immediately. Google will be displaying your PPC ads the very same day you set up the account and use it, but you have to share some of the money. Also, many of the leads that derive from using PPC ads do not turn into sales or subscribers as much as those that came from reading your articles.