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Best advice for you the best way to profit from independent internet marketing

Dated-11 Mar 2013 

Independent internet marketing basically means anything you do to market your product or service on your own. As the internet CEO, independent internet marketing is the best way to market. For help visit www.secretly-spy-your-internet-competition.com. When you can successfully market something on your own, you’re showing that you can survive, make sales and break all types of revenue barriers as a true CEO. Also, you build equity in a business when you build it from the ground up. One of the best ways to build a profitable business from the ground up is with utilizing the internet.
A lot of independent internet marketers just like myself, started completely from scratch. In my studies, mostly all will tell you the same thing. What made me as successful as the internet CEO in the internet marketing world was, I studied the elite in the internet industry. You have to find mentors, coaches, and simply learn from people that have done what you are trying to do. It’s really this simple. I don't call it "internet marketing" no more. I would say this is, "independent internet marketing". The reason being is if you are the sole owner and CEO of your own company, you have to be independent to make it what it is as well as what you want it to be.
The best advice I can give you and the best way to profit from independent internet marketing is how I do it. Some of the strategies that I have used over the years (and still currently using today) to build my business is of the following. These are the top three most powerful:
1. Link up with some of your competitor sites that have a higher page rank. Some may call this, "reciprocal linking". This is a good way to build, share and equalize traffic.
2. If your competitor sites do not want to link their site with your site, then another option is you can pay them to advertise your site on their site for a small monthly fee. A lot of them will not have a problem with this because both parties are happy. You are advertising your site on theirs and in return, they are getting paid for it.
3. Get some one way links from some top authority sites that is on topic with your site with high page rank. This is an overlooked method but it is very powerful in building backlinks to your site.
All three or any three of these will help you in your independent internet marketing endeavors. For help visit www.achieving-liftoffs.com. Use these to the fullest and continue to use these just like I am. Remember, the best way to getting a top number one search engine ranking is "backlinks". You need a LOT of backlinks to successfully receive the type of independent traffic to your website that will break six figure monthly income records.