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Article Marketing: -Are you ready for more gold Article marketing tips?

Dated-10 Mar 2013 

In ‘Article Marketing – 5 Winning Tips You Cannot Miss!’, my previous article, I promised to reveal more winning tips to increase your sales and traffic using article marketing. If you want to know why you should market with articles, please read the mentioned article. Otherwise, these are the few reasons why every online marketer and author should seize this powerful technique. Article marketing is absolutely free, for more details visit to www.newbies-copywriting.com drives laser-targeted traffic to your websites, pre-sells and warms up your audience and makes them ready to pull out their credit cards and buy your products or services. Are you ready for more gold article marketing tips?

Article Marketing Tip 1 – Post at Discussion Boards and Forums

Article marketers and other internet marketing folks often gather at forums and discussion boards to discuss about the latest developments in the internet marketing arena. Make it a habit to post regularly, for more details visit to www.perfect-ghostwriter.com even once a day would help greatly. You can post snippets of your article or the article title. But do not forget to include your signatory containing a link to your website.

Article Marketing Tip 2 – Compile Your Articles into an E-book

Since you have already spent so much time writing your articles, it would be good to recycle them. Compile the articles into an e-book and distribute them either through your website, via safe lists or to your list. Give your readers the right to distribute them as well. This is viral marketing at work.

Article Marketing Tip 3 – Write a Variety of Articles

The trick to reach as many people as possible is to create a variety of articles. Now, assuming your targeted niche is article marketing. People would be interested in topics like how to write an article, how to come up with attractive article titles, what is the right format and ideal word count, how and where to distribute the articles, how to submit to hundreds of article directories within the shortest time and etc.

Article Marketing Tip 4 – Proof-Read Your Articles

The surest way to know if someone would be interested in reading your article is to test it. Ask your friends or family members, especially internet marketing friends you have made online to proof-read your articles. You want their honest opinions about your article and how you can improve on it. Sometimes, what seems enticing to you may not be to another. Tweak a little and the effect can multiply.

Article Marketing Tip 5 – Bullet and Number Your Articles

Our minds are created to respond well to organized text. Appropriate bulleting and numbering of the points we are writing about makes our articles readable. It makes the experience enjoyable for our readers. From the angle of marketing, we are also cultivating their thoughts with a seamless flow of information that pre-sells our products and ideas. Guess what that means for your sales.

Article marketing is truly one of the easiest and most powerful ways of advertising your products. And it is free. Dig my blog for more powerful article marketing tips that would ramp up your sales.